November 29, 2010

Hi Mario thought I would write and let you know I took the Krinkov to the range this past Saturday, and man was it fun to shoot! Recoil was surprisingly light and she was fairly accurate. My best buddy and I went with our wives (can you believe? but this is Texas). We first took my stock late 70’s CAR-15, and sent a few down range just to get warmed up.

Got some looks when I brought the Krinkov out. Fired about 120 rounds using Romanian lead core FMJ. Towards the end the piston assembly seemd to need a little boost forward, but feel maybe it was the ammo. I couldn’t believe how dirty she was when we were finished but then again, maybe why the ammo is so cheap. Got her home and went to clean (thanks for the kit!). Never took apart a AK-74 but figured a Kalashnikov is a Kalashnikov. Once I removed the spring and then the piston assy, the upper hand guard was removed without any problem. Cleaned as normal and she’s ready to go back out. It was really fun to shoot!

I’m going to buy some 30rd AK-74 mags. Read a shotgun news and saw a advertisement Hornady is our with 5.45 & 7.62×39 ammo. Maybe that will be a little cleaner firing, will let you know.

Nontheless I love my Krinkov, it’s exactly what I wanted and you to thank for making a dream come true!


Had the urging to have a AK pistol for a long time, and unfortunately the 94 AW ban interfered with my plans. I sent a virgin receiver and a “gun-in-a-bag” parts kit from K-var to POHF, and within the short time quoted to me, I ended up with a fantastic pistol that far exceeded my expectations. The whole job was a custom assembly from start to finish, not just a “re-rivet” from a demil parts kit. Assembly, fit, and the finish were great, and the pistol functions perfectly, and it’s literally a blast to shoot. I plan on making a SBR Krinkov the same way, and will be sending my work to Mario and Gavin again!”

-Jay Bell, Subguns.Com Staff.

Piece of History Firearms took my Arsenal SLR-105 series side folder. They pay attention to details. The quality of their workmanship is excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a quality Kalashnikov. They do good work, and are easy to work with. They were very helpful and will do what it takes to please the customer.

-Andrew Scott, AZ

I finally got a chance to shoot the AMD-65. Talk about a head-turner at the range. I’ve been looking through my insurance records out of curiosity and found I’ve owned at least a dozen AKs in the past 20 years, and none were as well put together as this one. It hammered the steel plates at 100 meters with marvelous consistency (even with my bad eyes) using a mix of old Chi-com and Wolf ammo loaded at random. It burned up 5 mags (150 rounds) without a hitch (feral hogs beware!). Now I’ve got the itch for a “74 folder. Honestly, I wouldn’t consider getting a Kalashnikov from anyone else. Thank you for an outstanding job.

Lance LaPlante

I wanted to let you know that I’m VERY pleased with the weapon. It looks and shoots great, and as far as I can tell, it’s just what I wanted. I hope to someday soon take some pictures of it with some of my Soviet gear and send the photos to Tantal.com…with Piece of History Firearms naturally getting the credit for the build.

Throughout the process you stayed on budget and on time (I’ve dealt with another builder in the past that was never on time.) Thank you for good customer service and a great weapon.


Mario at POHF has become my first choice in AK work as well as special gunsmith projects.  His work is top notch and highly recommended!

Larry Vickers
Retired US Army Special Operations Soldier
Firearms Industry Consultant
Combat Marksmanship Instructor
Primary Host of ‘Tactical Impact’ TV Show

Hi Mario,

I wanted to take a minute and send you an email letting you know how incredibly pleased I am with the build of the Russian T3 kit I sent you. The bluing is fantastic, and the fit and finish is nothing short of a true work of art. I took it out about a week ago to sight in, and it was the most accurate AK I have ever owned. I couldn’t be more happy with the way it turned out, and I am very appreciative of your time and attention to detail.
I think I may pick up a Polish underfolder kit, and if I do, you can rest assured it will be sent your way.
Thank you again,

I received my Saiga 12 from Piece of History Firearms about a year ago. What an awesome shotgun. All work done is top notch and grade A professional. Functions flawlessly with bulk purchased bird shot all the way through magnum buckshot and slugs. I had the barrel cut and threaded to 12.5″ and all corresponding gas work done. I also had the 103 style side folding stock installed in addition to some cool sights. And as always, the engraving and finish is perfect. Very highly recommended.
-Ken Fiore

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