POHF strives to bring quality, reliability, and historically correct builds and restorations.

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Featured Product

Reising M50 submachine gun
Transferable Reising M50 on a Form 3. Restored, looks like it just left the factory.Beautiful subgun.(1) 20rd mag included.All NFA rules apply.

Featured Product

Authentic WW2 M2A2 Gas Mask
Authentic Vintage World War 2 era original M2 series gas mask. No replaced or altered parts. The gas mask is in a very good to excellent condition. The carrying bag is in a good shape. Comes with Kidney Box.Dated 2 42 NOS: the M2A2 mask with replaceable lenses and improved exhaust valve, minor modifications to the head-harness straps and the mounting of the eyepieces.

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