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Upon completion of this work-order, you will be emailed a confirmation with the information you just filled in along with your ticket number.  There will be NO prices on this work-order until we review and either call or email you back with pricing.  Please do not email us after you submit the work-order and ask where the prices are.  The form you receive is Auto-Generated.  The form is designed for you to package with your kit should you choose to send it to us.

Note: All build orders, repairs and modification work must be accompanied by a COMPLETED worksheet with payment in FULL. All work orders must be verified by email or by phone for a quote before shipping.

*** All parts, part kits and firearms must be sent in ONE box and at the same time for service or repair. <br./
If parts are coming separate from original project, please indicate what project it is for and who/where is it coming from. Make sure who ever is shipping indicates who it is for.

***POHF may or may not be able to supply parts for builds and other projects due to unserviceable, damaged, or missing parts.

***POHF does not take responsibility to locate or supply parts. We will try to help you as much as possible, but it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to secure parts for the builds. Projects with missing parts will be pushed back in the line of service.

California Customers must provide documentation regarding current laws in their state to proceed with a project. This is required for the legality of your project. California customers must indicate what California parts and methods of compliance on work orders.

Warranty on Labor ONLY.

Please Only Submit 1 Work Order/Quote Per Project

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  11. YOU MUST enter in a Receiver number if you are sending us a Receiver or your order will be delayed.
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  13. Customer Supplied Kit
  14. I will include the following parts with this Work Order
  15. Please Write list of ALL parts you are including Below
  16. We will only charge your card after we call you to verify this order and price amounts with shipping, and tax (if applicable)are all verified. This information is being transferred over a secure network. Your information is SAFE! This form is under a secure connection and your card number is safeguarded and will not be shared.
  17. If you still do not want to enter in your card here, you may call it in AFTER you submit this form. You will be charged a 3% Administration fee to the total of your order.
  18. Work Order/Quote is only good for 60 days.
  19. Select One - How will you be paying.
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  22. Please Check that all information is correct and click the "submit" button

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